Andre Gidé  Strait is the Gate
Andre Gidé  Strait is the Gate

Andre Gidé Strait is the Gate

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Andre Gide was born in Paris in 1869. His father was a professor of Law at the Sorbonne and he experienced a secluded and lonely childhood. He became devoted to literature and music  beginning his literary career as an essayist which let to writing poetry, novels, biography, plays and criticism.

He married his cousin in 1892. 

He became a prophet to the French youth and his unorthodox views were a source of endless debate and attack. In 1947 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.


This copy, found in Hampstead, London contains a note inside written in ink on the back of the photographed card to a 'Tom'. The writer claims that "I didn't know what to buy you - I don't know you very well yet. So i bought you my favourite book..." We will leave the rest of the note at the discretion of the reader.