ARIGATOU GOZA-Y-MAS Fernanda Ballesteros
ARIGATOU GOZA-Y-MAS Fernanda Ballesteros

ARIGATOU GOZA-Y-MAS Fernanda Ballesteros

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Voyage into Japan with Fernanda Ballesteros, Sendb00ks collaborator and  friend of the project. 

As Fernanda is quite literally living with us this week we are delighted to offer these books with personalised notes. 

After a short trip to Japan, Fernanda felt she had to do something with what she saw as she melted into the crowd of Tokio or evaporated in the volcano of Hakone. She came back to Paris and locked herself in the library for a month, reading all kinds of books about Japan, historical, philosophical, haikus from Issa, Empire of Signs of Barthes or testimonies from Marguerite Yourcenar and Chris Marker. Then she wrote and wrote about her trip, where she walked, mixed with Japanese concepts like wabi-sabi, the aesthetic of the asymmetric, what captures the scars with the present, and the scars as the core of beauty in kintsugi, about the territory of Japan growing with every earthquake caused, the legend says, by a huge fish, or about the history of sake while she is drunk in some bar in Tokio.

She loved the work of Israel Urmeer @pop_sin_azucar from Instagram and she saw that he was in Paris exposing in Palais de Tokyo. She invited him for some beers by the river and she proposed him to illustrate the book. 

Limited amount of 30 signed by Fernanda.