Joseph Conrad Heart of Darkness
Joseph Conrad Heart of Darkness

Joseph Conrad Heart of Darkness

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The book of an unreliable narrator complete with a fascinating introduction not so easily found in newer publications. 

The name of the reader is scribbled inside in 1975 and annotations are lovingly placed throughout.

Found in Panama City. 

Good condition.

Conrad's first and second languages were Polish and French, with his third language, English, not acquired until he was 20. English, however, was the medium he adopted to explore his youthful experience as a riverboat captain in Belgian Congo. Part of the work's strange hallucinatory atmosphere comes from the writer's struggle with a language that was not his mother tongue. He sometimes said he would have preferred to be a French novelist, and that English was a language without "clean edges". He once complained that "all English words are instruments for exciting blurred emotions". This, paradoxically, is perhaps what gives the book its famously enigmatic, and ambiguous, atmosphere.