Luis Sepúlveda Le Vieux Qui Lisait Des Romans D’Amour

Luis Sepúlveda Le Vieux Qui Lisait Des Romans D’Amour

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Le Vieux Qui Lisait Des Romans D’Amour By Luis Sepúlveda               

1992 Paperback 

Very Good.

Sepúlveda lived a radical and tortorous life in Brazil fleeing Pinochet's dictatorship in the 70's which inspired him to write this magical allegory, ‘The Old Man Who Read Love Stories’ which follows Antonio who feels out of place within his society. He decides to take refuge in the Amazon and leaves San Luis with his wife. While escaping modernism and all it has to offer Antonio uncovers a blissful relationship between himself and nature. However the jungle is hard on Antonio, men look for gold and predators hang in the overgrowth above. Luis will provoke your curiosity for the natural world we live in.

"To my distant friend Miguel Tzenke, Syndic Shaur of Shumbi in upper Nangaritza and great defender of the Amazon. It was he who, one night, through his stories overflowing with magic, revealed to me certain details of his unknown green world that I used later, in other parts of the equatorial world, to construct this story. LS"

For further reading on the serious life of Luis Sepúlveda follow the link below,