Yo Picasso Jacques Perry
Yo Picasso Jacques Perry

Yo Picasso Jacques Perry

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French, published 1982.

"For the first time, Picasso speaks, even if it is Jacques perry who holds the pen. The demiurge who smashed bodies on the canvas, the colossus who revolutionized the art of his century reveals himself, confides, tells himself: the solitude and the pride of the father, the precocious genius and the rage of pettiness and great friendships and anxieties.

At the discretion of these confidences, the real Picasso appears. Cleaned up of the anecdotes and legends that he kept up to better hide himself, here is the self-portrait of Pablo Ruiz Picasso, the truth of a man whose name the whole world knows but of whom no one, until this book, knew the secrets." - From the book. 


Incredibly beautiful copy, condition Very Good.