Berta Blanca T. Ivanow x Sendb00ks April.

Welcome to the first month of spring at Sendb00ks where we are thrilled to be working alongside sculptor, artist and object maker Berta Blanca T. Ivanow. She creates beautiful organic sculptures with her hands, inspired by the abundance of nature that surrounds her at her beautiful studio in Teia, just outside Barcelona. Earlier this month we visited her here, just in time to see all the trees start to bloom, surrounded by rolling farmlands and a view of the sea where Berta took us through a few of her favourite books. The one that spoke to us the most and that we have chosen to send to you all this month is by the Japanese art critic and philosopher Yanagi Sōetsu. It is a book that explores the beauty of functional objects and the importance of tradition and work created without ownership and ego. This month, by blending the work of Berta and the writings of Yanagi, we hope we can remind each other of the importance in reconnecting with ourselves through our sense of touch, the creative potential we can realise when we display patience, and the power of repetition: “It is that repetition that frees my hands from thought. And that freedom is the mother of all creation.” Details to sign up for this months package are now on our website, not one to miss out on, it will include postcards, interviews, and a little springtime surprise.
Berta Blanca T. Ivanow at her studio in Teia, Barcelona.

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