Sendb00ks is an online platform and registered cultural association.
Since 2018 we have been discussing our favourite books with artists and sharing the conversations.
Each month we commission an artist to design a postcard that we slip within the pages of one of their favourite books. We then distribute around two hundred copies worldwide to our subscribers. Occasionally the artist designs a detachable sleeve which we wrap around the book, rewriting the blurb to situation the novel in the present day. These are always personalised with hand-written notes and hand wrapped in Paris with recycled brown paper.
We want to know what books are on your shelves and bedroom floors, which books changed your lives and which books you go back to every night. We think that the conversations surrounding literature should always be open and accessible to everybody wherever they live and whatever their education. 
Sendb00ks is non profit and we work in less inspiring places to keep this cool project going so donations and books are appreciated.
Delivery is worldwide and swift. Sharing is encouraged
To join our mailing list, make a suggestion or to discuss books with us please email