Sendb00ks in Mexico City with Casa Bosques

On the first weekend of December, we were delighted to host an event at Casa Bosques in Mexico City and to celebrate the launch of a new shelf in the world. A curation of books with a focus on Mexican literature, from first edition Borges to children's stories taken from aztec mythology. As was the case at Yvon Lambert in Paris, we sold almost everything on the wall and the discussions surrounding the books combined with the mescal lent to a beautiful evening that went on into the night. 

On Saturday Fernanda Ballesteros read from her brilliant first novel Second Virginity, a captivated crowd joined in the discussion while soothing hangovers with coffee and offerings from the best in Mexico City Rosetta Panderia. 

The shelf will be restocked in January, we want to thank the incredible people at Casa Bosques for being so welcoming and allowing us to stay the night in the beautiful residency upstairs from the bookshop. 

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