Sendb00ks x Yvon Lambert

For the last couple of years Sendb00ks has been working from a small apartment in Paris, sharing thoughts on their favourite reads, sending hundreds of books internationally to their reader’s doorsteps, collaborating with artists, writers and book lovers. On the 29th July, Sendb00ks proudly moved a selection onto a shelf at our favorite bookshop in Paris — Yvon Lambert, which specializes in art books and objects, found on 14 Rue des Filles du Calvaire 75003, Paris. There, we curated a selection of some of our favourite literature in English and French from old to new titles. The opening was on the 30th of July and book-lovers all gathered around our shelf, picking up books, reading blurbs and chatting.The opening created a perfect ambiance for all lovers to discuss their favourite books under our curation. 

From the nautical voyages in Homer’s Odyssey to Anais Nin’s sexual, intriguing Journals, we wanted our selection to be diverse. Our first curated bookshelf’s goal was to meet the eyes of any reader. From a 1929 limited edition of Cocteau’s Les Enfants Terrible to a 1969 edition of Plath’s The Colossus, we hand wrapped some old and limited editions in plastic jackets to safeguard their historicity while giving them also a chic look. Our shelf also consisted of recent publications by Penguin House and New Directions; titles such as Audre Lorde’s Your Silence will not Protect You and Anne Carson’s Norma Jeane Baker of Troy. The shelf will remain there for the coming months but in the meantime we hope to expand our little project and collaborate with some of our other favourite shops internationally. 








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