Toni Morrison Reading List

This months author Toni Morrison is most famous for her groundbreaking novels that explore the nuances of the Black experience in America. However, a little known fact about her is that before she embarked on her career as a an author and a luminary, she was the first Black female writer to work at Random House in New York. Below, we have compiled a blistering list of books for you all that covers titles and authors she was involved in getting published. You will recognize most of their names now, but at the time she faced lots of pushback in the pursuit of liberating their works to larger audiences. From civil rights activists to now infamous black poets, authors, athletes, playwrights and intellectuals, Morrison played an integral role in pushing these voices of Black excellence onto a public stage. Thank you Toni!


Angela Davies - If They Come in the Morning: Voices of a Resistance 

Huey Newton - Revolutionary Suicide 

Muhammed Ali - The Greatest: My Own Story 

Gayl Jones - Corregidora

The Black Book - Compiled by Toni Morrison

Henry Dumas - Poetry for My People

Toni Cade Bambara - Blues Ain't no Mocking Bird

Wole Soyinka -  You Must Set Forth A Dawn 

Chinua Achebe - A Man of the People




Image: Going to the Movies with Toni Morrison, Kevin Young, August 7th 2019, Getty Images

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