Anais Nin - Lou Benesch - November
Anais Nin - Lou Benesch - November

Anais Nin - Lou Benesch - November

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Dear the Readers
This November it is our pleasure to be sending out a collection of erotica to your letterboxes called ‘Little Birds’ by the inimitable Anais Nin. At first we debated the risqué nature of this sensual little book in regard to some of our younger readers. But then, on realising that everyone here at Sendb00ks had read it before the age of seventeen, we started to think back to those times and remembered the infatuation we all shared on discovering this treasure trove of female sexuality. Once we started talking about it seemed we all had friends who had memories of themselves pulling down the works of Anais Nin from their parents dusty bookshelves and hiding away with them, tentatively and then obsessively relishing in her world. With this in mind we take the step to cut out the dusty bookshelf and the hiding and deliver a beautiful brand new version straight into your hands.
As far as erotic literature goes I have always enjoyed the way illustration can further transform and illuminate the writing of an artist, such as the incredible drawings of Aubrey Beardsley for Oscar Wilde’s play Salome. His feminine figures intensify the text and guide the sexual tones of the whole piece, allowing our imaginations to run wild. When I found the beautiful illustrations of our next featured artist, Lou Benesh, in a little collection of French erotica at the back of a bookstore recently, I immediately felt wildly excited (and maybe even a little turned on) by her work and the exciting prospect of pairing up her work with a book in much the same way. Her work to me evokes the same celestial sensuality I feel when I read Anais Nin. Luckily I came to know Lou personally and found out that she too was a reader! We met under the red heat lamps and she opened her sketchbook full of beautiful women in repose, languidly sleeping amongst the stars and I knew immediately that they would be a perfect match for Little Birds.
Anais Nin understood perfectly the inadequacies that existed within literature during the early twentieth century when women’s sexuality was largely unexplored in the public space by female writers. She tackles “the mysteries of woman's sensuality, so different from man’s and for which man's language was inadequate.”  While her novels are undoubtedly inspiring they are just the start. From her essays to her diary excerpts, her short stories, letters and poetry, her work spans a whole lifetime dedicated to breaking taboos and exploring female sexuality. While me and Lou were talking she told me about her desire to create art with no intention other than to please herself and explore her own talent. She spoke about how she would like more people to have affordable access to her work and so we thrilled to announce that we will also be selling three original paintings from Lou with all the proceeds going directly to her. We are so excited to be celebrating the work of female artists this month who are unafraid to explore themselves regardless of how scandalous their tastes.