Virginia Woolf's A Room of Ones Own with sleeve by Michella Bredahl

Virginia Woolf's A Room of Ones Own with sleeve by Michella Bredahl

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Sendb00ks February 2021 (Archive).

In February 2021 Michella Bredahl chose Virginia Woolf's A Room of Ones Own. We created a sleeve for the book with Michellas' Artwork.

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Welcome to February at Sendb00ks! This month’s artwork is two portraits and a selection of writings by artist, filmmaker and photographer Michella Bredahl. Her intimate portraits have been woven around the landmark feminist essay A Room Of Ones Own by Virginia Woolf that emphasises the importance of literal and figurative space as a requirement for creativity. Born in Denmark but currently living in Paris, Michella was educated at the Danish Photography School and The National Film School of Denmark and her latest film Chassé premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. She specialises in portraiture and auteur-driven documentary films that give her work an intimacy and an emotional accessibility that blends perfectly with Woolf’s preoccupation with sentiment and self-examination. Originally written in 1929, A Room Of One’s Own has become eerily relevant almost one hundred years later as we spend more time inside than ever, triggering a collective rethinking on the importance and function of physical and situational space. This month we are working with Michella to revisit the text from this perspective and explore how that ‘for some people who never had their own room, a room can also become a book, an object or something else’ that instills in us a feeling of freedom and the confidence to express our creativity.