Love in the Time of the Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Gertrude Blom
Love in the Time of the Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Gertrude Blom

Love in the Time of the Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Gertrude Blom

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Dear Readers,

 Our journey for the perfect book and artist this month has led us on a winding trail through many of South Americas greatest writers and artists but also into the path of ones we had never heard of before.

While travelling through the jungles of Mexico it became clear to us that we wanted to capture and celebrate the legendary essence of this part of the world through our choices, which is why it has taken us a little longer than usual. We wanted to convey the dichotomy between the vast jungles and the dense metropolis’ before we leave it behind and travel further south.

For this reason and many more we have chosen an author and an artist who both lived and died in Mexico, dedicated to its beautiful landscapes: Love In The Time of Cholera by infamous purveyor of magic realism Gabriel Garcia Marquez will be sent out with artwork by the late photographer Gertrude Duby Blom, a social anthropologist, documentary photographer, environmental activist and inspirational jungle explorer whose home we were lucky enough to stay in while visiting Chiapas. 

Marquez' writes novels with descriptions that decorate the insides of our minds and bring genuine imagination to even the most easily distracted of readers. We encourage you to delve into the pages of this chosen book of his with us, whether it be for the first time or a second or third reading, committing to it like a great love and allowing it to inspire your imagination with us this hot summer.

 Your involvement this month will also directly support the legacy of this month’s artist, Gertrud Blom,with a portion of proceedings being donated to the foundation which plant trees and aims to preserve the dwindling rainforest around Chiapas in the same altruistic and loving way Gertrude strived to do during her lifetime. Chiapas is home to The Lacadon, one of the Mayan tribes who live in the jungle here, and who you will see on a photo taken by Gertrude herself on the postcard inside your copy of the book. We can’t wait for you to receive this month’s package and to start exploring the fascinating lives both our artists lived and the worlds that both Blom and Marquez have immortalised in their work.